Aesthetics treatment

Our aim is to enhance and beautify, rather than alter looks… 

At Sculpt Aesthetics, we uniquely combine artistry, innovation and excellence to deliver tailored aesthetic treatments that enhance your beauty and wellbeing.

Our aesthetic practitioners are medically trained and specialise in non-surgical treatments to enhance and rejuvenate the face and body. Our team have been carefully selected due to their attention-to-detail, medical backgrounds, knowledge and experience within the field.

We offer a range of treatments including wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers, dermaplaning, chemical peels, microblading, cryolipolysis, PRP (vampire facial), nails and laser skin treatments.

Sculpt Aesthetics is registered by Healthcare Improvement Scotland. We are a one-stop shop centre of excellence in cosmetic procedures, pushing boundaries and outcomes using some of the best products on the market and the best of class technologies in the hands of some of the most experienced, skilled medical practitioners.

We look to restore youthful beauty to create the best you.