Aesthetic Treatments FAQ’s

I don’t know what treatment to book. Can you help me?

If you’re torn between two treatments, don’t worry – feel free to book either. It’s very common for people to change treatment during the consultation with their practitioner. We appreciate not everyone knows what they want and will work with our clients to understand their needs and expectations on the day!

How do I book a consultation?

Your practitioner will complete a consultation with you upon arrival to your booking with no obligation to go ahead. During the consultation your practitioner will discuss possible treatment outcomes and may even suggest alternative treatments to help you meet your expectations. Please note, a £40 deposit will be required to book a consultation. This deposit will be deducted from treatment price.

Which areas can be treated by Filler?

Nasolabial folds (smile lines), Vertical lip lines ( smokers wrinkles), Marionette Lines, Jowls, Lips, Tear Troughs (Eye bags), Cheek, Jawline, Chin and Nose

Do fillers hurt?

No, we use a strong anaesthetic cream and the fillers we use also contain lidocaine to numb as we inject

Should I get 0.55ml or 1ml for my lip enhancement?

This is down to personal preference and lip shape/asymmetry/size/amount of previous filler. However, if this is your first treatment:

  • 0.55ml will give a very subtle look once swelling subsides.
  • 1 ml may look fuller immediately after. Once this swelling goes down they will settle to be visibly more volumised. Some clients do request more than 1ml but would not advise this if it is your first treatment.

Please remember we can only enhance your natural features. It is not possible to completely change them. Any treatment should be looked at as an improvement rather than a cure. It is not always possible to create the desired look if your facial anatomy does not allow. Please remember our faces are not symmetrical prior to treatment. We are all beautiful in our own individual ways.

Will I bruise or swell after filler treatment?

It is possible to bruise/ and swell after any needle treatment.

How long will it take for swelling/bruising to subside?

Bruising and swelling can last up to 2 weeks in a severe case but usually subside within a week

Can I go to work the day following treatment?

You may be presenting bruising/swelling but you are absolutely able to go straight back to work.

How long do treatments take?

Appointment time is dependant on the amount of treatments you’re having. A simple wrinkle reduction or filler treatment will take no longer than 30 minutes. PRP, dermaplaning and chemical peels take approximately 45 minutes.

How long does filler last?

Every individuals body breaks filler down at different paces. Juvederm can last up to 12 months depending on individual. Revolax can last up to 18 months depending on client. For lip enhancements, some clients do require 2 or 3 treatments to gradually build to their desired size.

How long does wrinkle reducing injections last?

This varies depending on the individual. Usually between 3-6 months.

Can filler injections be reversed?

The filler can be dissolved if required

If I start having fillers or wrinkle reducing injections, do I have to continue to get treatments?

No, these are temporary treatments and you do not have to continue to have them when results wear off.

Are wrinkle reducing or filler treatment results instant?

Wrinkle reducing injections take approximately 4 days to 2 weeks to see full effects. Some patients will require a top up 2 weeks after treatment.

Filler results are instant although we do advise waiting 2 weeks to see the final results.

How can I avoid bruising prior to treatment?

  1. Before treatment, avoid medications (such as Naproxen, Aspirin, Warfarin, Ibuprofen), or supplements with blood-thinning effects.
  2. Eliminate alcohol before and after treatment.
  3. Try taking Arnica before and after treatment.
  4. Apply ice or cold packs to the affected areas during and after treatment.
  5. Avoid vigorous exercise for 2 days after treatment.

How old do you have to be for treatments with parental permission?

All clients must be 18 at the time of the treatment. Anyone that looks under the age of 25 will be asked for ID.